Manual Trigger Goal API

The Ascend manual trigger is an event API that calls the Ascend snippet and triggers the conversion event. The Ascend snippet needs to be placed in the <head> of the page you’re going to trigger the manual API. 
When would I need to use the manual trigger API vs a thank you page or click goal? 
We’ve provided several examples where the Ascend manual trigger can be used to trigger the optimization goal. 
  1. If the goal of the experiment is for the user to view the webpage for a certain period before triggering the conversion goal. You can implement code to perform the time tracking and then call the Ascend manual trigger API after a certain period.
  2.  If your goal is for a user to fill out a form and ensure the form has been submitted you may want to use the Ascend trigger API. You can trigger the API when the user has filled out the appropriate fields, met the criteria and submitted the form. In this case, you trigger the event on the AJAX form submission. This is a better conversion vs. using a click goal. 
If you have a conversion goal where the page redirects when the user converts, we recommend placing the snippet on the next page in the funnel to ensure the conversion event has been logged. 
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