Ascend - QA variations

Before launching your experiment, we highly recommend doing a round of QA to make sure all the variations are working correctly.

There are multiple ways to do that. In both cases, the snippet must be installed on the website. 


Using the Editor "Popout" mode:

  • Open the Editor and click on the "Popout" button.


  • In the popup, switch to "Interactive" mode. 


  • In the original window, click on the variation you want to preview/QA and it will be displayed in the popup.



Using the "Preview" mode:

By default, the "Preview" mode will use these parameters. The page will cycle through all the variations for this specific page of the funnel.


More parameters can be added to QA a specific value:

  • test=random -- shows values randomly
  • test=sequence -- shows values in sequence
  • ascendpage=page#-- shows values for a page
  • ascendelement=element# -- shows values for an element or list of elements
  • ascendaction=action# -- shows values for an action or list of actions
  • ascendvalue=value# -- shows values for for an value or list of values


Example 1:

The "Edit value" menu will display the corresponding value ID. 


This example shows the Value ID for a text color. To preview this specific value, the URL would be:



Example 2:

The "Edit element" menu will display the corresponding Element ID. 


This example shows the Element ID of two different elements, "Product Title" and "Rank". To preview all the values for these 2 elements, the URL would be:



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