Integrating Ascend with Adobe Analytics

If you use Adobe Analytics (formerly known as Omniture SiteCatalyst) for analytics on your website, you may wish to view analytics details for the visitors who have seen an Ascend candidate. The Sentient Ascend Adobe Analytics integration uses a custom conversion variable (eVar) that contains the Ascend candidate ID that was served to the respective user, and a traffic variable (s.Prop) that counts the number of Ascend type event hits to your website. The candidate ID set as a conversion variable will match the candidate ID that is visible in the Sentient Ascend reporting interface:

Using a custom conversion report in Adobe Analytics, you will be able to view all of your business metrics as they associate to the values that we pass in as the Ascend candidate ID. For more information about conversion and traffic variables, we recommend reading this Digital Balance article.


Setting up the integration:

The integration uses the JavaScript API that SiteCatalyst (SC) offers. Custom conversion variables (eVar), and traffic variables are used in the integration. Both must be enabled from within SC admin. You must set the conversion variables and traffic variables in SC or you won’t be able to see data in the suite even if you enabled it in Ascend.

  1. Go to Admin Tools in your SC account.
  2. Select the Report Suite to be used with the integration.
  3. Under Edit Settings, go to Conversion and select Conversion Variables.
  4. We recommend using Evar # 20 for Ascend Candidate ID
  5. Under Edit Settings, go to Traffic and select Traffic Variables, and select the traffic variable you would like to use for the integration.
  6. We recommend using Property # 20 for Ascend Events

After you have created your custom conversion variable and traffic variable, make sure that the Ascend analytics integration settings window reflects those variables, by adding the numbers of the variables below:

NOTE: Add the string "prop" before the variable number and add "eVar" before the eVar number.



If you would like further assistance in the setup of your SiteCatalyst integration, please reach out to your respective account manager. 



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