5 Easy Steps to build your experiment

Sentient's Ascend CRO solution enables you to optimize your entire funnel at once by finding the winning combination using powerful evolutionary algorithms. 

Once you’ve defined your hypothesis, design combinations and business goals, you can easily deploy your experiment in the following 5 easy steps: 


1. Define Webpages and a Conversion Goal

  • Load the user flow to be optimized into Ascend ’s interface where you’re able to configure the landing page, funnel pages and the end goal.

2. Visual Editor - Wireframe / Page Design

    • Create design combinations on your pages using Ascend’s intuitive visual editor. Identify which elements can be modified, such as the following:
      • Logos
      • Color Schemes
      • CTA Button Text
      • Headlines
      • Layout (CSS)
      • Any webpage element
    • Ascend will automatically generate the combinations possible.

3. Add the Ascend Snippet to your webpage

      • Ascend generates a unique JavaScript snippet for each website in your account. 
      • The Ascend snippet needs to load as high up as possible in the <head> tag of your website, before any of the DOM elements load on the webpage.
        • For optimal performance, we highly recommend placing the snippet directly on the website.
      • The script never needs to be updated, even if your experiment changes or new hypotheses are tested.

4. Pre-deploy / Q/A

      • A test URL is provided to view all of the possible variable combinations.
      • The various design combinations configured are viewable and can be changed automatically based on a customizable timer.

5. Deploy

      • Start the experiment with the push of a button.
      • Sentient’s evolutionary algorithm automatically generates and optimizes combinations.
      • High-performing combinations are mixed to uncover the most optimal solution.


Results: The best combination for your conversion goal is determined!

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