Release Notes, 4/26/2017

We have been hard at work on improving the user experience of the product, to make the job of creating and launching experiments more streamlined. We believe that the more experiments our customers launch, the more value our product is adding, and thus the majority of our work in Q2 will be revolve around making it easier and more flexible to set up and launch experiments.
With that goal in mind, we'd like to take a moment to introduce one of the changes rolled out to production on April 26:
Standard Actions:
Standard actions are pre-defined changes to an element, that avoid the need to write CSS or HTML in cases were a simple color or text size change is all that is being changed. As a multivariate first experimentation platform, we believe that the concept is standard actions is the most intuitive way of creating many similar values in a short period of time, by leveraging the concept of standard actions as 'building blocks' for the experiment. 
Where other tools might require you to navigate between chrome plugins or to click in and out of variation renderings, standard actions allows you to easily create your palate of actions and to apply one to many values to an action for a given element, cutting down setup time of a multivariate test significantly.
As always, we appreciate all the feedback that we have received from our initial customer base, so please do continue to proactively provide feedback to help us make the absolute best multivariate experimentation product on the market.
A more detailed change log is below:
Change log 4.26.17
Bugs Resolved:
-Newline characters ('/n, '/c') would occasionally appear in the HTML or custom javascript element action types. 
-'target=_blank' on hyperlinks could cause runtime not to fire.
-Image upload issues in the Editor have been resolved. 
-Invite new user function could occasionally break if a user had been previously created and removed from the account with the same e-mail address.
-Various minor bug fixes. 
Experiment Creation Changes:
-Experiments can now be hidden by using the three configuration bullets on an experiment card.
-Descriptions can be added to an experiment.
Editor Changes:
-Standard actions have been added to the Editor.
-Color pickers have been added as two new standard actions - text color and background color. 
Runtime Changes:
-Runtime now supports active polling of page content and page URL changes. Non virtual-DOM single page applications can now be set up and defined as 'pages'. 
-Various enhancements to runtime API call latency. 
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